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Pocket Watch Chains
Writer on Published on August 8, 2015
Rolled Gold Single Albert

Rolled Gold Single Albert & Double Alberts These are now available in two weights of chain each is presented in a stitched tan leather case with a warranty card. Rolled Gold has been used traditionally since Victorian times, it is much cheaper than solid gold yet has a very deep lustre indistinguishable from solid gold.

Vintage pocket watch chains and fobs

It’s very well known that here, at, we love pocket watch chains and have developed one of the most extensive range of Alberts available in the UK. Now, we have expanded further and have created a fabulous range of true vintage style chains inspired by those of the Edwardian era. In the early years

Writer on Published on September 26, 2014
Single Albert Gold Pocket Watch Chain

How do you wear Single Albert Gold Pocket Watch Chain? Single Albert gold pocket watch chain A single Albert Gold Pocket Watch chain can be worn many ways, but here is an example of a wonderful Gentleman’s style you may wish to admire as much as I have. If you have a waistcoat with a

Double Albert Watch Chain from Silver2Love choose with confidence

How to Choose and Wear a Double Albert Watch Chain A double Albert watch chain gives you the classic Victorian look of two chains going from the buttonhole of your waistcoat and traveling to each pocket. The exact amount of ‘hang’ in the chain is dependant on the length of the chains. A good standard length

Choosing an Albert Watch Chain – upgrade your old chain to something special

Choosing an Albert Watch Chain is easy with our complete range of pocket watch chains to satisfy all tastes and budget. Buying an Albert Watch Chain Commonly called an Albert after Prince Albert – husband of Queen Victoria, and Albert Watch Chain is usually the first accessory bought by a pocket watch owner. Often the

Silver Watch Chain – choosing the perfect Silver Albert

Silver Watch Chain – the perfect Albert for a silver pocket watch Silver watch chains for pocket watches, commonly called Alberts (after Queen Victoria’s husband), provide anyone with a sterling silver or chrome pocket the perfect accessory to wear their watch with style. Silver watch chains should be made from sterling sliver. ‘Sterling’ is a