Brass Ships Chronometer Clock by Woodford (Est. 1860)

Once in a while a product will come our way we really love. The Ships Chronometer from Woodford, is such a product. One of the unsung heroes of the Woodford range, it never really gets enough exposure.

It is a wonderful product, made in an engineered brass case, with glass panels. the lid hinges up wonderfully giving access to the clock, which then can be angled to any view.  It is designed in the style of a Victorian ships chronometer, the master time-piece which went to sea with the Captain, and was used in the calculations needed to chart the ship’s position at sea.

All of the engineering charm has been translated in this wonderful clock from Woodford.  When they came in for photography last year, I kept them sample and it sits with great presence on my desk. The clock angled up at the perfect angle. Telling the time as I work is a pleasure.  Since owning this one, I have given two away as presents, both very appreciated.

Brass Ships Chronometer Clock
Brass Ships Chronometer Clock from Woodford


Safe long distance sea travel could not take place without knowing exactly where you were at any one time. The key to this was to be able to calculate your Longitude , that is to say where your position was East to West. The key to this sum was to know the precise time.  The inventor of this accurate time-piece that was capable to life at sea was John Harrison, a self educated Yorkshire man born in Foulby, Nr Wakefild in 1693. He is in fact a personal hero, and his life is celebrated in many an old English Ballad, as well as modern film & televison.

John Harrison

Many of his Marine Chronometers re on display in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and for those really interested in the this great British inventor, it is well worth a visit.