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Writer on Published on September 29, 2015
New Modern Style Aneroid Barometers

Woodford Modern Aneroid Barometers new for 2015 Producing a new style of barometer is not something Woodford do without great care. Founded in 1860, Woodford have produced a variety of reliable and accurate barometers in a number of styles but it has been many years since they have launched a new range. A collection of

Writer on Published on December 2, 2013
Barometer for Sale UK – where to buy?

Barometer for Sale UK When looking for a barometer for sale UK,  you need to keep in mind several points. First is what kind of barometer are you wishing to buy, you may have a fairly good idea, but with many similar models of barometers for sale UK, you may need a little advice on

Writer on Published on September 16, 2013
How to set your barometer

How to set a barometer To get the most accurate readings from your barometer it first needs to be ‘set’ so that it matches your local air pressure. This is easily done and only needs to be carried out once. Air pressure is measured in Millibars or Inches and to set your barometer all you