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Pocket Watches
Writer on Published on October 8, 2015
Large Rose Gold Pocket Watch

Woodford’s new large rose gold pocket watch – now in stock The pocket watch I have been most anticipating this year has finally arrived and is in stock here at It has all the features I really love in a pocket watch, first of all it has a size of 5.4 cm in diameter,

Writer on Published on April 11, 2015
Woodford Themed Pocket Watches

Excellent range of gift pocket watches Woodford Themed Pocket Watches make fantastic gifts, the range covers many themes and interests. You can be sure to find one suitable for the occasion.  They are available with either fine quartz or mechanical movements inside, both are designed to give many years of trouble free use. The choice

Writer on Published on October 28, 2014
St Christopher’s Pocket Watch

Famed for keeping travellers safe on their journeys, the St Christopher’s Pocket Watch is an excellent way to carry the emblem with you wherever you go.  Made by Woodford (established 1860) the St Christopher Pocket Watch has a chain which can be used for both attaching to a waistcoat and to a trouser pocket or belt.  This

Claddagh Pocket Watches – Irish Emblem of Love, Loyalty & Trust

Claddagh Pocket Watches – a daily reminder Claddagh (in Irish means “the shore”) it is situated close to Galway city. Once a fishing village it is just across the river from the location of regular fish markets where the locals supplied the city with seafood right up to the end 1890s and it is one

Masonic Pocket Watch an Exquisite gift for a Mason

Wonderful Gold Masonic Pocket Watch Men can be difficult to buy presents for we agree. However if your man happens to be a Mason, then we do have a few very fine products, which are guaranteed to be received, with deep appreciation. Freemasonry is thriving, an ancient society which has adapted to the changing modern

Silver Pocket Watch Stops a Bullet in WW1

A silver pocket watch which saved a life. I recently came across the story of Corporal Walter Davis and the Silver Pocket Watch that saved his life in WW1. The tale is almost interesting one, it was also a story little know to his family, who unearthed the tale after his death, reading it outlined in

Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes Pocket Watch in film & t.v.

Mycroft Holmes regards his Woodford silver pocket watch. Sherlock’s brother observes the time with his Woodford Pocket Watch. Mycroft and Sherlock were just youngsters when Woodford was founded in 1860 (Well Sherlock was 6yrs, Mycroft  a little older).  Glad to say Woodford are still going strong today and are one of the UK’s premier pocket

Writer on Published on October 29, 2013
Pocket Watch Mechanisms

Pocket Watch Mechanisms Pocket watch mechanisms have evolved over time and purpose, some for ease and simplicity and others for particular use, such as railway watches where it was essential that the time could not be altered by accident. Here is a quick overview of the main types and how they differ. Stem-wind, stem-set movements

Writer on Published on August 29, 2013
How to wear a pocket watch

How to wear a pocket watch In the 1500’s large mechanical pocket watches were worn on chains around the neck but today gentlemen have more subtle ways of wearing their timepiece. In this article we look at how to wear a pocket watch in the modern era. Most of the Woodford models come with a