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Wooden Watches – Famous Australian Brand now available in the UK

Wooden Watches – Wooden watches?  When I saw them I understood.  Then I wanted one. Cobb & co., a long standing Australian company with a great reputation for producing wooden cased clocks, have created something really special and unique; a range a very desirable gentleman’s wrist watches, using polished wood as a key accent material. 

Brass Ships Chronometer Clock by Woodford (Est. 1860)

Brass Ships Chronometer Clock by Woodford (Est. 1860) Once in a while a product will come our way we really love. The Ships Chronometer from Woodford, is such a product. One of the unsung heroes of the Woodford range, it never really gets enough exposure. It is a wonderful product, made in an engineered brass case,

Writer on Published on September 21, 2013
View our Pinterest for Carriage Clocks

Pinterest for Carriage Clocks In case you have not heard of Pinterest, it is a great way of looking for and sharing images. We are now making collections of images to cover the most interesting Carriage Clocks. Its great to share interesting images of wonderful carriage clocks on Pinterest. You don’d have to me a

Writer on Published on September 5, 2013
8 Day Carriage Clocks

8 day carriage clocks 8 day carriage clocks, are traditional key wound clocks, usually of brass construction. Invented by the French in the 19th Century and rapidly taken up as a successful lucrative product with clock makers across Europe. To be more accurate, the 1st genuine carriage clock was invented in 1812, for Napoleon by