Claddagh Pocket Watches – Irish Emblem of Love, Loyalty & Trust

Claddagh Pocket Watches – a daily reminder

Claddagh (in Irish means “the shore”) it is situated close to Galway city. Once a fishing village it is just across the river from the location of regular fish markets where the locals supplied the city with seafood right up to the end 1890s and it is one of the oldest former fishing villages the original village was unfortunately burned the ground in the 1930Claddagh is most famous as the origin of the Claddagh Ring.

Claddagh Ireland
Claddagh Near Galway

The ring, which has the now well-known symbols of the Heart, Crown and Clasped Hands on it was created (local legend has it) by a native of the Village who was captured by Moorish pirates and while in slavery learned the craft of jewellery making. His most famous creation was the Claddagh ring, which upon when set free, he returned to his home village and presented to the true love he had left behind

The three symbols of the emblem represent Love (Heart), Loyalty (Crown) and Friendship (Hands Clasped)

The design has ancient origins in the ‘Fede’ rings form Roman times, these betrothal rings had hands clasped in a very similar way to the Irish Claddagh design.

In Victorian times the popularity of the design, particularly in rings exploded and today the emblem is now used in many ways. It is very much a real emblem of Ireland and its people. It can be found today on many objects given as gifts between any two people to symbolize friendship, trust and loyalty.

One of our most popular gifts are the Claddagh Pocket Watches from Woodford. Woodford starting making time-pieces in 1860 and today are still very well respected.

Our Claddagh Pocket Watches comes in two types, a mechanically wound edition and a battery quartz regulated version.

claddagh pocket watch

Both have the Claddagh symbol cast in pewter on the front of the lid. The lid opens to reveal the watch face with a press of the stem.

Our Claddagh Pocket Watches are available in two types: the mechanical version has a skeleton movement that allows you to see the intricate working of the watch. The quartz version never needs winding and has a battery which lasts 1-2 years before needing to be changed.

Claddagh mechanical pocket watch
Claddagh mechanical pocket watch gift set

Both types of Claddagh Pocket Watches come with our presentation case, chain,warranty and Silver2Love pocket watch booklet. They can be worn with both a waistcoat or from a trouser loop into the trouser pocket.

The Claddagh emblem is a very popular Irish symbol and to receive one as a gift is special event. The gift is one to be understood and treasured. A Claddagh pocket watch can be used daily, allowing its use to be a fine reminder of the giver and what the emblem means.