Masonic Pocket Watch an Exquisite gift for a Mason

Wonderful Gold Masonic Pocket Watch

Men can be difficult to buy presents for we agree. However if your man happens to be a Mason, then we do have a few very fine products, which are guaranteed to be received, with deep appreciation.

Freemasonry is thriving, an ancient society which has adapted to the changing modern times with great aptitude. Our Masonic gifts are classic and timeless; they can be given with real confidence that they will be very well received.

Our Masonic Pocket Watch is produced by Woodford who were established in 1860 and are still a leading light in the English pocket watch industry. The Woodford Masonic pocket watch has the Freemason’s Emblem in deep relief on the cover, press the crown of the stem and the lid flips open to reveal the classic white face with black hands.

masonic pocket watch
Masonic pocket watch

The face of the watch features 5 more masonic symbols, one art each quarter and a fifth in the centre.

Familiar to all Masons, these symbols really do make this fine Gold Plated masonic pocket watch rather special.

It has at its heart a very high quality quartz movement, powered by a single battery cell, which will last well over a year before needing to be changed ( a simple task for any jewellery shop).

The exquisite masonic pocket watch has the perfect look of a mechanical wind up watch, but all the accuracy and convenience of a quartz regulated movement.

It comes complete with the pocket watch booklet that explains everything you need to know about owning a Woodford pocket watch, it also comes with a chain, enabling it to be worn in both a waistcoat or trouser pocket.

It also has it Woodford warranty card.

In my experience Freemasons enjoy being members of the fraternity and this pocket watch is a great way to celebrate this.

Our Masonic pocket watch in a very fine gift and will be both treasured and admired.