Masonic Pocket Watch an Exquisite gift for a Mason

Wonderful Gold Masonic Pocket Watch Men can be difficult to buy presents for we agree. However if your man happens to be a Mason, then we do have a few very fine products, which are guaranteed to be received, with deep appreciation. Freemasonry is thriving, an ancient society which has adapted to the changing modern

Silver Pocket Watch Stops a Bullet in WW1

A silver pocket watch which saved a life. I recently came across the story of Corporal Walter Davis and the Silver Pocket Watch that saved his life in WW1. The tale is almost interesting one, it was also a story little know to his family, who unearthed the tale after his death, reading it outlined in

Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes Pocket Watch in film & t.v.

Mycroft Holmes regards his Woodford silver pocket watch. Sherlock’s brother observes the time with his Woodford Pocket Watch. Mycroft and Sherlock were just youngsters when Woodford was founded in 1860 (Well Sherlock was 6yrs, Mycroft  a little older).  Glad to say Woodford are still going strong today and are one of the UK’s premier pocket

Double Albert Watch Chain from Silver2Love choose with confidence

How to Choose and Wear a Double Albert Watch Chain A double Albert watch chain gives you the classic Victorian look of two chains going from the buttonhole of your waistcoat and traveling to each pocket. The exact amount of ‘hang’ in the chain is dependant on the length of the chains. A good standard length

Choosing an Albert Watch Chain – upgrade your old chain to something special

Choosing an Albert Watch Chain is easy with our complete range of pocket watch chains to satisfy all tastes and budget. Buying an Albert Watch Chain Commonly called an Albert after Prince Albert – husband of Queen Victoria, and Albert Watch Chain is usually the first accessory bought by a pocket watch owner. Often the

Silver Watch Chain – the perfect Albert for a silver pocket watch Silver watch chains for pocket watches, commonly called Alberts (after Queen Victoria’s husband), provide anyone with a sterling silver or chrome pocket the perfect accessory to wear their watch with style. If you wish to view our selection of Silver Albert Watch Chains

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Barometer for Sale UK – where to buy?

Barometer for Sale UK When looking for a barometer for sale UK,  you need to keep in mind several points. First is what kind of barometer are you wishing to buy, you may have a fairly good idea, but with many similar models of barometers for sale UK, you may need a little advice on

Wooden Watches – Famous Australian Brand now available in the UK

Wooden Watches – Wooden watches?  When I saw them I understood.  Then I wanted one. Cobb & co., a long standing Australian company with a great reputation for producing wooden cased clocks, have created something really special and unique; a range a very desirable gentleman’s wrist watches, using polished wood as a key accent material. 

Pocket watch chain types – how to choose the perfect Albert

Pocket watch chain types – the Silver2Love Guide to choosing a chain Pocket watch chain types can be confusing to the new collector or pocket watch wearer, often called Alberts, (after Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria), are often the next purchase after buying a pocket watch. Nearly all pocket watch models come with a chain