Silver Watch Chain – the perfect Albert for a silver pocket watch

Silver watch chains for pocket watches, commonly called Alberts (after Queen Victoria’s husband), provide anyone with a sterling silver or chrome pocket the perfect accessory to wear their watch with style.

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Silver watch chains should be made from sterling sliver. ‘Sterling’ is a term applied to silver when its purity is of a very high level. When it is 92.5% silver it can be stamped by the silver assay office with the symbol 925, to certify its content. 925 is an excellent grade to make silver pocket watch chains from, as the remaining 7.5% of another metal (usually copper) is purposely there in order to give the silver greater strength, this is of course essential when producing chains.  The main choice for the silver pocket watch owner is the type of chain to wear with it. Silver watch chains fall into two main types; the single and double Albert, and are suitable to add extra luxuary to silver or chrome watches.

This video shows our Sterling Silver Watch Chain, presented in it’s case. Each chain undergoes several quality checks before dispatch.

Sterling Silver Single Pocket Watch Chain – known as a single Albert.

This is the traditional single silver watch chains which secures the pocket watch in your waistcoat pocket by a chain leading from the watch to the buttonhole in your waistcoat.

silver watch chain fitting
Fitting your silver watch chain

A ‘T’ bar passes through to the inside of the buttonhole and does an excellent job of holding the chain in place.

Exactly which hole it attaches and which pocket you use, is really a matter of individual style, which is one of the pleasures of wearing pocket watches in the first place.

The alternative to a single chain is to wear a Double Albert silver watch chain.

These have two chains coming from the ‘T bar’ one runs to a pocket holding your pocket watch and the second goes to the second pocket in the waistcoat. The second chain does not hold another pocket watch, but secures any important item; traditionally this may have been a key (perhaps to the one’s desk or drinks cabinet) or maybe a medal, seal or fob.

Sterling silver watch chain
Sterling silver watch chain

Today, our customers buy double Albert chains in order to achieve the imposing style of the double chain running to either pocket.

In days when the pocket watch was essential wear for a Gentleman; the double chain was also a sign of expressing wealth as well as style. The chains being produced in solid gold or silver were expensive items, designed to be eye-catching, the same goes with a sterling silver watch chain.


Often Silver Alberts have a very short extra chain running from the T bar, we are often asked what this for. It is generally used for hanging a small seal, medal or fob, and if not desired to be used can be tucked through the button hole to hang on the inside. We have seen some very interesting items attached to the third chain; a small silver coin held in a decorative coin holder can be particularly attractive.

The way silver pocket watch chains are worn and personalised is an excellent way for the modern Gentleman to express their individual style; and form the perfect accessory to either silver or chrome pocket watches.

At Silver2love each silver pocket watch chain comes in a high quality leather gift case, and is supplied with a guarantee card and silver cleaning cloth.