Single Albert Gold Pocket Watch Chain

How do you wear Single Albert Gold Pocket Watch Chain?

Single Albert gold pocket watch chain
A single Albert Gold Pocket Watch chain can be worn many ways, but here is an example of a wonderful Gentleman’s style you may wish to admire as much as I have. If you have a waistcoat with a high chest height pocket then this becomes an option you might like to consider.  Wearing the watch chain from the upper button hole to the chest pocket looks great and is particularly fine on a day when you may be sporting your waistcoat without a jacket.

Single albert gold pocket watch chain
Single Albert chain going to breast pocket

With the rise of the artisan ‘look’ for men (you have noticed the advent of the beard, how could you miss it), the waistcoat with no jacket is a very fine look. The choice of fine waistcoats is now very wide, including my favourite style which is the high buttoned and collared variety.

Our many models of Gold Single Alberts are both suitable for this look, we make a fine Gold plated version (which is available in two different weights) and a very fine rolled gold version.  Fastening the chain is easy, simply pass the chain though your button hole (from the back) leaving the T bar on the inside on the coat to secure the chain. The swivel on the end of the chain is then attached to the ‘bow’ on the pocket watch. The Bow is the loop above the winder, designed to take the chain.  The chain will hang in a beautiful loop between button hole and the pocket the watch sits in. Each of our own brand of pocket watch chain is inspected before dispatch, it will arrive in an excellent gift case, with a warranty card.

Single Albert pocket watch chains can also be worn between the mid button holes and the side pocket of the waistcoat. This is more of the conventional way and the chain hangs in a look over the mid stomach region of the waistcoat.

The chain material should match your watch, which is why we offer a range of gold plated chains, perfect to match with gold watches and a range of silver plated and solid sterling silver Albert chains to match with either Chrome or Silver pocket watches. If you have a very old pocket watch with a gold case you may need one of our warmer toned gold chains. This will help the chain match more closely. We are always here to help.

Single pocket watch chains
Single pocket watch chain on waistcoat

Browse or buy any of our single albert pocket watch chains from our online store. We offer a fantastic range and shipping is of course free. If you need to know anything else about our chains just drop us an email as we love to talk about pocket watch Albert chains.