Wooden Watches –

Wooden watches?  When I saw them I understood.  Then I wanted one.

Cobb & co., a long standing Australian company with a great reputation for producing wooden cased clocks, have created something really special and unique; a range a very desirable gentleman’s wrist watches, using polished wood as a key accent material.  Contrasting against stainless steel and leather, the carefully selection types of wood combine to form what is one of the most interesting and instantly covetable designs of watches I have seen in a very long time.

Wooden watches
Wooden Watches

For instance, the wonderful combinations of Gold and Ebony, or Steel, Maple & Leather , to name but two, have produced and instantly eye-catching, balanced & natural design.

We have all probably seen wooden watches before, designs usually where the wood and its grain dominate the entire timepiece. In the Cobb & Co wooden watches the designs are balanced by the mixing of materials, the steel case with the wooden bezel and interlaced links producing the perfect wooden watch.

Their range of six wooden watches are now available in the UK (and Europe) launched by ourselves, Silver2Love.com, in December 2013.  Already successful in the US and Australia, it is now possible to be one of the very first people in the UK to have one on your wrist.

Wooden Watches – Style & Quality

As part of becoming the authorised retailer, I undertook to examine the watches in detail and to put it mildly; I was impressed.  The attention to detail in the not only the carful choice of materials but in the quality of the construction used in producing the wooden watches was immediately apparent.

wooden watch
Green Sandalwood & Leather Watch Gift Cased

As you open the white outer box and lift out the superb wooden case that each watch arrives in, you get impression that you are about to see something really special.  Each of the high quality cases matches the accent wood used in the watch design; beautifully constructed and lacquered, the case opens to reveal the Cobb & Co Wooden Watch.

The range six wooden watches are in the following combinations. For the casual range: ; Black Ebony & Leather; Maple Wood & Black Stainless Steel.

For the more formal business and dress watches we have Ebony & Gold, Red Sandalwood & Stainless Steel; Black Ebony with Black Stainless Steel & Leather.

Taking the wooden watches out of their presentation case and examining then closely reveals a very fine quality of workmanship.  All components are finely crafted; examining the wood in close detail allows you to see beauty in the grain and it dawns on you that each watch produced is unique because of this.

The stainless steel is perfectly engineered and polished, I note from the specification that 304 grade is used, this is the grade used on the most exacting engineered products, it has great strength and durability.  Slipping one on my wrist for the first time, I appreciated the balanced feel of the watches. The both the leather strapped and the bracelet versions feel both balanced just the correct weight in use.

The bracelet versions have wood interleaved with the links.

A wooden watch perfect for business
A wooden watch perfect for business

Road testing the Red Sandalwood ‘Freeman Cobb model’ and the Green Sandalwood & Leather model left me with the lasting impression of quality and lasting design.  They look good on your wrist today and will look as equally great 10 years from now.  Well thought out balanced design endures.

I had many people comment and ask me about the wooden watches I was wearing when road testing the two models.  They were instantly eye-catching, and provoked questions on who made them, how they were made and where did I get it? Of course, I was very happy to oblige with the answers.

Each watch comes with a 3-year international warranty, and a battery designed to last around 2-3 years before its first change.

When examining new products for Silver2Love.com to retail, I have a very critical eye and if something does not impress, then we don’t stock it.  I was very pleased to find that these watches certainly do impress and we can wholeheartedly recommend them to our customers.

We are very excited to be launching this brand of wooden watch into the UK.