Woodford Themed Pocket Watches

Excellent range of gift pocket watches

Woodford Themed Pocket Watches make fantastic gifts, the range covers many themes and interests. You can be sure to find one suitable for the occasion.  They are available with either fine quartz or mechanical movements inside, both are designed to give many years of trouble free use.

woodford pocket watches

The choice between Quartz and Mechanical is a fairly easy one, whilst they look the same with the case closed, the mechanical watch you have to wind each day and the quartz one runs on a battery. The battery should run for over a year before it needs changing.

The centre of the watch cover is made from pewter and bears in relief a number of different designs, making these Woodford pocket watches excellent as gifts. Each comes with a chain designed to be used for both waistcoat wearing and as a pocket chain. The latter allows you to clip the chain to your trouser band and carry the pocket watch in your trouser pocket. Excellent! I hear you say as this means you can wear your pocket watch everyday.