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Woodford Barometers

We supply three styles of aneriod barometer; a dark tone, veneered wood, a mid tone, solid oak and a new range of light oak which offers a more 'modern' approach. All are produced by Woodford (Est.1860), one of the most recognized makers of barometers in Britain today. 

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With quality in mind, we have singularly adopted Woodford Aneroid Barometers at Silver2Love. 

We like to offer the very best to our customers. We have produced a colour booklet that is supplied to each customer on purchasing a Woodford barometer. It explains clearly how to set up the barometer for use and how to interpret the readings on display. Looking at the weather and being British are one and the same. We love to talk about it, predict it and complain about it (sometimes). Long before the digital age the Aneroid Barometer ruled as a means predicting the changes in the weather, by monitoring changes in local air pressure. Made by Woodford (Est .1860) these are perfect examples of high quality wood and brass wall barometers. Some have the addition of thermometers, and hygrometers to measure both temperature and humidity. All work excellently and with precision and can relied upon for a lifetime of service.

Aneriod refers to the type of mechanism used to measure the pressure. All of our barometers use high quality German made Aneroid mechanisms.